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AICONMED is the best tool for researchers, physicians and start-ups, insurance companies and retailers. The gold data you've got here is beyond your imagination, and it's worth looking deeper into your profession.



                          Explore more powerful medical AI applications AI Powered.

                             Maybe you're going to find an AI that is helpful to you?

Cloud Inference as Service

We build a strong hybrid AI cloud,

Enter unlimited service for your customers.

Anywhere and Anytime

There's no problem in the distance between you and AICONMED.

You may also, at any time, browse the Internet.

Data Privacy

Using AICONMED we ensure your data and models are protected.

Your data security and privacy are more important than anyone else.

Go to Market

Have you discovered it? Here you can find the right model for you.

Get up and start digging right now.

Become Our Partner

Do you have your own models?

Don't hesitate, join us now !


Build and host your AI algorithms

Medical & Healthcare Datasets

Gold data is hidden here, regardless of whether it is medically related, physiological, etc.

AICONMED has it all !

Build & Validate Your AI Models

You can freely choose the information you want to access.

Create a model of your own and do some verification.

Host Your Models

You can use the exclusive model you have created,

Share exchanges and trade with AICONMED

Hassle-free High Available Infrastructure

AICONMED has a powerful GPU that can accelerate your calculations.

We've got unlimited expansion of cloud devices to store and protect your data.

Cost Effective

As we all know, it can be costly to create an AI model.

But in AICONMED, you're going to find that everything is subversive.

Our Best Partner

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